2020-12-29, 19:45–20:25,
Language: English

Basics for 3d construction with the program Blender, with design-tips for 3d-printing.

In this workshop I will explain the (in my opinion) basics to construct 3d models for technical parts (by which I mean simple geometries, and no fancy sculptures which blender is actually meant for). In the beginnint I will lay out some design tips of these parts for fused plastic filament 3d-printing. I will try to make this accessible for absolute Blender-beginners and people who do not yet have much experience with 3d-printing but want to create their own models.


Creating Technical Objects for 3d-Printing with Blender

3d-modeling and -printing are part of my hobbies. I started with blender because of its easy accessability (it's a free software), even thoug it is not strictly speaking a construction program.