Home automation for noobs and nerds
2020-12-29, 14:00–16:00, c-base Berlin
Language: English

A short overview about home automation basics and history as well as a hands on to HomeAssistant and ESPHome on a RaspberryPi. If you ever wanted to get started with home automation you should start here.

I would like to give you a overview about the History of my personal HomeAutomation Experience
with good and bad things i had to deal with.

In the first part of the Workshop i like to talk a bit about the basics of home automation to ramp up everyone.

A rough overview would be

  • Home Automation - imagination vs. reality
  • Sensor, Actor WTF?
  • What hardware to be dealt with
  • Evaluation of HomeAutomation hubs
  • Which software/standard will cross your way on the component side
  • How to bring them all together

In the Second Part of the Workshop i will guide you trough the Initial Setup of HomeAssistant(hass.io)
and try to integrate whatever you have at home together with you.
Also i will show some tweaks that are not come with the default setup.

  • Hassio Installation
  • Hassio Configuration
  • Intro to the hassio dashboard
  • Intro to HomeAssistant Automations
  • NodeRed vs. Builtin Automation capability
  • NodeMCU/ESP32/ESP8266 the easy way
  • Customisations without any limits
  • What else you have in mind for home-automations??

What to Bring to the Workshop?
Raspberry PI 3 B/B+ or 4B
or a Virtualization that can handle VMDK, VHDX, VDI, QCOW2 or OVA.


From beginner to expert level. how to automate or integrate whatever you want to you home automation central system

hi there i'm teco from crashed space station in berlin called c-base