Leonie Ackermann

Leonie Ackermann (fey/feys) studiert Computing in the Humanities M.Sc. an der Universität Bamberg. Seit 2015 hochschulpolitisch aktiv war fey unter anderem Vertreter:in in der europäischen Studierendenvertretung (ESU) und Mitglied des Vorstands des freien zusammenschlusses der student:innenschaften (fzs) e.V. Ackermann engagiert sich aktuell für den digitalen Wandel an Hochschulen in der Kommission "Digitalisierung" der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz und in der Arbeitsgruppe "Digitalisierung von Lehre und Studium" des Wissenschaftsrats.\r\n\r\nLeonie Ackermann (they/them) studies Computing in the Humanities M.Sc. at the University of Bamberg. Since 2015, they have been active in higher education politics. Among other things they have been a representative in the European Students' Union (ESU) and executive committee member of the free association of students' unions (fzs e.V.). Currently, Ackermann is committed to the digital turn in higher education in the "Digitization" commission of the German Rectors' Conference and in the "Digitization of teaching and studies" working group of the German Council of Science and Humanities.\r\n


Let's get digital: How the EU envisions the future of European Education
Leonie Ackermann, Lasse Emcken

The EU Commission is using education politics and digitization to increase European Integration and move beyond ERASMUS+. Current trends in European Higher Education Policy include the European University Initiative, Micro-Credentials, Virtual Exchange, Internationalization at Home or the Student eCard. We want to show you how these ideas and concepts are interconnected and discuss the pros and cons of the current developements as they can lead to more democracy and more cooperation as well as to more isolation.

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