Lars Roemheld

Lars Roemheld is Director of AI & Data at the health innovation hub, the German Ministry of Health’s own think tank. He previously held senior positions at the AI specialist QuantCo, where he used machine learning to develop anti-fraud and pricing solutions for financial, retail, and healthcare organizations in the US and Europe. A Data Scientist and Philosopher, he holds degrees from Stanford University and University of Heidelberg. Lars enjoys dealing with complex data: his favorite professional topics are causal inference and the social impact from algorithms."


Die Geschichte der Corona-Warn-App
Lars Roemheld

Die Corona-Warn-App (CWA) verkörpert ein Novum von (einigermaßen) agilem staatlichen Handeln im Bereich Software. Wie kam es dazu? Dieser Vortrag erzählt die Geschichte der Entstehung aus einer Innenperspektive.

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