Lei Nelissen

Lei Nelissen is a graduate student in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is fascinated with the influence designers have, both positive and negative, when it comes to creating privacy-sensitive experiences. His graduation project Aeon is concerned with creating better user experiences for fundamental data rights, such as the right to access your data, modify it and remove it. In this project, he collaborates with SURF, a cooperation for IT in education and Bureau Moeilijke Dingen, a design studio specialising in technologies like artificial intelligence and the internet of things.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of personal information
Lei Nelissen

In a time and space where even basic human interaction has to be facilitated by computer systems, we find ourselves in a web of systems that aggregate data in places we are unaware of. The vast scope of surveillance capitalism makes us yearn for protest and disruption. Yet, while fighting the power is a worthwhile cause, we suggest a complementary approach in wining and dining the power, and making bureaucracy do the dirty work for you. Strap in for a ride where asserting your God-given data rights isn’t only your duty as citizen, but easy, accessible and fun.

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